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I’m Daniel Duarte. I live in Porto City, where I design the future.

I'm Daniel, from Porto, Portugal. I study programming since 2003 and started to work on that area in 2010. In my free times I like to go surfing, spend time with the family and friends, study and develop meaningfully projects.

With the experience that I have and with the Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, I gather the necessary skills for the good understanding of web applications' development full cycle while having great interest in designing Applications' Architecture, applying OOP, SOLID principles and Design Patterns, improving scalability, robustness, performance and security.
I have great enthusiasm and ease to approach and to learn new technologies as well as to deepen my knowledge and abilities, for this reason, I am always looking for new challenging projects in my area and learning new technologies.

I am very comfortable with working in different environments as I am a very sociable and friendly person. The SCRUM Master's certification and the opportunities that I had during my professional experience have led me to conclude that I have good project leadership skills, bringing out the best of each colleague, working as a team and producing with motivation and joy.